by Tim Haufe

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While working on the final touches of a 2 year long recording project called When the Sky is Clear, Tim Haufe recorded an entirely separate project called Downstairs. When the Sky is Clear was an expensive, drawn out project, and Tim had already begun writing new music before its completion. The new stuff was different, as if it had been conceived by another person, or a newer version of himself. When the Sky is Clear was an old project, made of relatively old songs. Since the recording budget had already been depleted in the studio with When the Sky is Clear, Tim had to resort to recording the new material on his own. The entire Downstairs project was done with old, almost obsolete recording equipment, which was dug out of a closet and dusted off to be used yet again for a project that was lo-fi and under the radar's radar. An old mixer and an 8 track recorder were put through their paces in numerous creative ways. They help to impart a charming tone on the album's character.

As is typical with a Tim Haufe album, all of the arrangements and instrumentation were written and performed solely by himself, with the exception of his close friend, bassist, Everett Comfort, who visits the album's personable progression for a short time on the sister tracks, "The Towne Cries" and "Together". Interestingly enough, the album's track order happens to be the same order in which the songs were recorded. They seemed to just fall into place effortlessly to form a cohesive body of work. Once recording was complete, the tracks were brought to Brian Marchini for mixing and mastering, and in June of 2008, Downstairs was born. The project took place in Tim's parent's house, in a downstairs apartment that was vacant at the time, hence the album's title, Downstairs.

The album is a musical work that is unassuming. It welcomes you into its sound and lets you experience its emotions with open arms. Its rawness hides nothing, so that you may see the vulnerable character hiding behind the songs who confesses his fears, his passions, and his desires in the most genuine way he knows of. The album begins with an unusual "Introduction Period", which hints at confusion, and a sort of spattered development from what seems like nothing. Then, as if to be awakened suddenly, "And I'll Be Saved" explodes onto the album, and acquaints the listener for the first time with the aforementioned vulnerable character, who in the song, blatantly yearns for some kind of saving grace. Through many musical peaks and valleys, the listener is led along a progression of diverse songs until the climax during "Don't Treat No One Badly", when all of the wondering and yearning and pent up frustration of the preceding songs is released in a vocalistic, yet screaming guitar solo, the only real example of guitar solo work on the whole album.

From there, Everett Comfort appears during the following two tracks, and provides some further relief until the soft and mysterious beginning of "When I'm Alone", a song whose title recalls the title of the song "When the Sky is Clear", but now with a stormy connotation. In "When I'm Alone", we again intimately hear from the album's main character, who is alone and wondering what to think of his past, wondering how to handle his present, and fearful of his uncharted future. In "When I'm Alone", we see the culmination of the album's main themes: desire to do what must be done, apprehension to go out and do it, and fear.

Somehow, though, Mr. Haufe leaves us hopeful. It might be with the little light-hearted love song he presents to us as Downstairs' closing title, "Settle Down". The song's lyrical subject, its simple guitar work, and its closing lines all shine a new light on the dark places of the preceding body of songs, as if to comfort all of the worries away and to somehow make all of the troubles presented throughout the album seem like less of a big deal. That is, for the time being, anyway.

Tim Haufe is a songwriter and composer who lives in New York. He has produced his five studio albums on his own. Of those five albums, he feels very strongly about Downstairs. Little by little, he plans to make his music more available to his fans


released July 1, 2008

Produced by Tim Haufe

Arrangements/Instrumentation by Tim Haufe
Recorded in Poughkeepsie, NY from February-June 2008

Everett Comfort- Bass on "The Towne Cries" and "Together"

All songs written by Tim Haufe

Engineered by Tim Haufe

Mixed and mastered by Brian Marchini


all rights reserved



Tim Haufe New York, New York

“Tim has all the qualities one looks for in a live performance: He is in tune with the elasticity of the crowd. I could feel myself being drawn closer and closer to the music as the song went on.”
-Daniel Dissinger, InStereoPress

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Track Name: And I'll Be Saved
"And I'll Be Saved"
Tim Haufe

Nobody's gonna mess with me
Nobody's gonna stand in my way
Just a little more money, more money
More money, more money
And I'll be saved
I'll be saved
I'll be saved

Crystal visions, they melt away
Chemical or organic, nothing left to say
Just a little more time to spend, more time to spend
More time to spend, more time to spend
And I'll be saved
I'll be saved
I'll be saved

Baby, do you like it when I talk this way?
Baby, do you like it when I walk this way?
To you
Only to you
To you
Only to you
Track Name: The Door Swings Wide
“The Door Swings Wide”
Tim Haufe

Do you remember when we were young?
I do
Do you remember when we were cool?
I do, I do
Life was the start of a dream
So true
Friends, a party of smoke
It'll catch you
It'll catch you

And time, like a road, passing by you, standing
I'm asking it to never say goodbye
Never say goodbye

Time is an open wound
The door swings wide
It's awful hard to leave
And it's awful hard to stay
It's all a guessing game
A gamble
Everything solid can melt;
My memory
My memory

Can I give myself the will to carry the burden?
Moment upon moment
So many left to build

Time is on your side
You've got no reason to hide
No reason to hide
No reason to hide
No reason to hide
No reason to hide
Track Name: Turquoise
Tim Haufe

I've got a funny feeling
And I don't have much time to spare
It take more than to care
And they say it will all just work

I've got nowhere to go
And the future's vaporized
It floats above my head
And swirls around the room for a while

*So long
So long
So long
So long until I get the mood
Until I get the tune

A crumby apartment
And a will to carry on
Write one hundred songs
Before my days are long gone

A fat man in a basement
Tells me I've got to get a move on
I tell him he is wrong
He is a lot more than that to my sight

Riding on a wave of sadness
Nobody questions and nobody doubts
Nobody doubts
Nobody doubts
Track Name: Sentimental
Tim Haufe

Don't get sentimental
You know it really can hurt
Lonely, suffocated
It's too bad time always works
Twenty, why not twenty more
Pile it on as I lay on the floor

Don't get, sentimental
I think this feeling's gonna stay
I've got some little problems
Can I go back to being young and far away?

Friday's just another
Night for my own sake
Lonely, a little difference
Between what's real and what's fake
I know you, then you change
Everyone breaks off, life rearranged

Don't get, sentimental
I think this feeling's gonna stay
I've got some bigger problems
Can I go back to being young and far away?

Nostalgia can strangle my heart
I can't breathe, but I know
There's a new day to start
There's a new day to start

Don't get, sentimental
I think this feeling's gonna stay
You've got some bigger problems
You can go back to being young and far away
Track Name: Leaving Town
"Leaving Town"
Tim Haufe

I saw you were were coming out with your next album
It must be the third one this year
Did you hear?

I'm leaving town
I'm leaving town
And when I turn your pages
I just want another cigarette

You've got blue shoelaces on
Man oh man you've really got it made
Hipsters and coasters
Lay down and trip out in the shade
I've got it made

So I'm leaving town
I'm leaving town
And when I turn my pages
I'm too afraid of placing my bet

I saw that you made the paper
Recycled shock and a smoke
Is that a joke?

So I'm leaving town
I'm leaving town
And when I turn my pages
They're blank and they're all the same to me
All the same to me
All the same to me
All the same to me
Track Name: Low Down
"Low Down"
Tim Haufe

It's getting late
I've got to go now
It's too safe

*Low down
Low down

Let's go to town
And let the time go
Sand off the frown

Do me a favor and bring me a gift
A song for the gamble and the luck
I've got another question,
A pocket full of rhymes
A week for a little piece of change
Track Name: Don't Treat No One Badly
"Don't Treat No One Badly"
Tim Haufe

*Don't you treat no one badly
Don't you treat no one so bad
Don't you treat no one badly
Don't you treat no one so bad

'Cause I've learned from experience
That lovers will take from you what they can with no end
And they don't care
So be careful, don't get used and abused
'Cause they will take you down with them wherever they go
I don't know

So if you don't want to be treated so bad by a lover who don't really care
Don't do it to nobody else
The name of the game, who is to blame?
Just a nice girl, and some kind of genius
Some kind of genius

So don't treat no one badly

Ain't it funny how all the meaning
Doesn't amount to much in the early afternoon
It's all the pain to me
But the sun hasn't set yet
No the sun hasn't set yet
Track Name: The Towne Cries
"The Towne Cries"
Tim Haufe

I'm all messed up
Pile it on, yeah
Punk, you think you're tough?
A dizzying effect
I can hardly breathe
Is this some sort of test?
Some sort of test

I can see myself
Is the viewing glass cracked?

One thing after another
So many people got to face the strain
I do not know
What it feels like to truly bear the pain
Bear the pain

It's all falling down
One section after another
After another
Track Name: When I'm Alone
"When I'm Alone"
Tim Haufe

When I'm alone, it's all wide open
No one there to keep me checked
Busted shards from a heart that's broken
But I glued mine back years ago

Too many times I have gone to deep
Too many times the water has seeped
I found it hard to face the sun
My skin is tough when the day is done

Give me a rest

One hundred fifty days it's been
I ain't felt settled since I don't know when
Remembering days when I was younger
Why do I suddenly feel so old?

Hey, remember when?
Hey, remember when?

What's going on?
Track Name: Settle Down
"Settle Down"
Tim Haufe

Oh honey why must you frown?
Oh girl just settle down
There's nothing crazy to worry about
Oh let me just lay you down

The closest place to go
Is never close enough
And I'm talking to you on the phone
Trying to settle you down
Trying to settle you down

Oh baby you've got nice hair
I like you 'cause I know you still care
Your eyes are like a familiar breeze
Fall away from and be lost with ease

The closest place to go
Is never close enough
And I'm talking to you on the phone
Trying to make you feel better
Trying to make you feel better

Girl, you've got a lot of nice things about yourself